Character Creation

System DnD 3.5E

Characters use usual rules, with the following exception: The Spell Points system is in effect, including the vitalizing variants.

ALL characters (even non-spellcasting ones) must choose a “magical signature” level for the six magical powers (Creation, Destruction, Spirit, Matter, Nature and Corruption). The level can be any number from 0 to 100, but the sum of two opposites (Creation vs Destruction, Spirit vs Matter and Nature vs Corruption) must not exceed 100. So a characters magical signature can be either powerful in creation OR destruction, but not both. Or he/she can be halfway between, with 50/50.

Spellcasting As mentioned, the Spell points system is used.

Also: Magical schools and clerical domains does not exist. Clerics, Druids etc does not have a fixed spell list, but must make one with GM approval, tailored to each specific character. New spells can also be learned for such characters.

Spells use one or more of the six powers when cast (or scribed onto a scroll), represented by a required power level for some or all powers. A character who casts a spell must have a magical signature with a power level of the requisite power(s) of at least the

Character Creation

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